Education: F1 2021 Styrian GP - Thursday Drivers Press Conference (Lewis Hamilton & Nicholas Latifi)

Posted on 16th December, 2021

Great stuff, thank you Nicholas we're going to go to the fan question next; take a listen to this from Moritz.



Hello drivers, what was the hardest thing to sacrifice as a teenager when you decided to try and become a formula one driver? Good  luck for the second Styrian grand prix; see you there!


Latifi: This is a good question,


Hamilton: Love his energy!


Let's start going


Latifi: Yeah um I mean I would think it would be a pretty common one amongst all of us;  I mean for me I would say a normal teenage social life I mean I only started racing in my early teenage years so I started racing at 13 years old but yeah I mean at that age when you kind of go into your early teens  late teens it's you know very uh not gonna say important time but a very unique time for young adolescents uh especially in kind of social life areas so yeah I mean basically me personally kind of that was all put aside not a lot of parties not a lot of time hanging out with friends outside of school you know every free uh free weekend I had I was away driving somewhere so yeah definitely the social life.


Thank you . What about you, Lewis?


Hamilton: I think naturally that's probably something yeah I could share the same thing there; I think for me probably my school, schooling is what I struggled the most um uh because I was missing like two days a week, one to two days a week, so that's generally like a worry I have for. If you look think about all the people that I raced through my whole career many of them there'd be a large percentage of them that didn't get to really finish school and then therefore the job opportunities afterwards when they obviously didn't make it at 21. So I think um I think that's an area that our sport can actually have a really good impact in in the future you know like um I think, I think it might already now already be just weekends, weekend races as opposed to um leaving on a Thursday and practices on a Friday but um really I think the FIA has an opportunity to encourage people to make sure that they're finishing school at the same time as racing, so that worst case scenario you can move off to be an engineer or a mechanic or that there's so many opportunity other jobs in this industry so that's what I’ll be pushing towards.


Thank you guys, and thank you to Moritz for that.


F1 Styrian GP - Press Conference (Lewis Hamilton & Nicholas Latifi)

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