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Roy's virtual interview with Christian Eichenberger, Auto Sport Suisse
2019 IAME Winter Cup in Valencia TV Interview
Junior, 1st Time Out
Echo de la Printse: Roy Swiss Champion
Le Nouvelliste: Roy Swiss Champion
2019 IAME 4. Salbris
2019 CSK 5. Levier
2019 CSK 5. Levier interview on the grid
2019 IAME 3. Wackersdorf
2019 CSK 4. Mirecourt
2019 CSK 4. Mirecourt interview on the pre-grid
2019 CSK 3. Wohlen
2019 IAME 2. Castelletto
2019 CSK 2. Château-Gaillard
2019 CSK 1. 7-Laghi, & IAME Winter Cup Valencia
Article about Roy in the official Nendaz magazine
A Day at Whilton Mill with Terry Fullerton and Roy Shaw
Echo de la Printse: Roy Champion
Kart Club Valais 2018 Press Articles links
Roy Vega Champion
Echo de la Printse article page 11
- Vesoul, Vega
- Mirecourt - CSK
- Kappelen Trophy
- Mirecourt - Vega
- Levier - Vega
- Fête des Champions Vega
Trofeo Vega Videos from the very good official photographer. Thank you Beat for the many photos from you on my website.
Championnat Suisse videos
Levier video Championnat Suisse
Mirecourt video Championnat Suisse Kart Race Team Facebook page