2019 Whilton Mill Kart Club Round 1 IAME Cadet

Posted on 20th March, 2019

Practice started with a typical British greasy track, it stayed like that all day. Roy improved his lap times throughout the session, finishing a creditable 11th quickest out of 32 participants, several of whom also compete in the Euroseries, Roy was 2.6 seconds off the fastest lap.


Heat starting order was random and equalised, Roy was 25th on the Heat 1 grid. He made progress throughout the race, crossing the line in 20th, which improved to 18th after penalties. Heat 2 brought a 10th place start, which he held until lap 3 when he got “freight-trained” and dropped 7 places. A last lap overtake meant he crossed the line in 16th, 14th after penalties. Heat 3 was again a 10th place start, and again lap 3 brought a drop, this time 5 places. Roy held that place until the last but one lap, when 4 drivers went past him, one of whom he re-overtook on the last lap to cross the line 17th, 13th after penalties.


The Heat results earned Roy 13th place on the grid for the Final, unfortunately he could not take his place because the kart failed to start in time for the formation lap. When the field crossed the start line Roy was way behind his position, but made up a few places before being taken out on the second corner, and restarting from right at the back. At the end of lap 1 Roy was 27th, and climbed up the field nearly every lap to cross the line 21st, after penalties 17th.


Results: Whilton Mill Kart Club Round 1 IAME Cadet

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