2019 Kimbolton HKRC Club Championship RD 3 Mar 10, 2019 IAME Cadet

Posted on 20th March, 2019

Roy had a good first weekend at Kimbolton, where practice is allowed only on the Saturday before the race. It was a typical mixed UK weather weekend, with snow just 10 miles to the North, so it was difficult for Roy to get a grip, in every sense, of the track.


On Sunday’s race day he qualified only 6th, but battled his way up to 2nd in the first race. Starting from there in race 2, he took the lead in the first corner, but couldn’t hold it and dropped back to 7th. He battled back to 3rd, which meant a 2nd place start in the final. The 2 main championship contenders got away at the front, and Roy held what looked like a safe 3rd place until half way through the race, when he began to lose pace with grip problems and a few slides from the setup the team had chosen. Despite that he brought it home in 4th.


Results: HKRC Club Championship RD 3 Mar 10, 2019 IAME Cadet

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