Reference: DONATION
Category: SponsorDonation
Many thanks for your donation from €5 up to €45, please click on the Quantity to increase the amount in multiples of €5
High Giver
Reference: SUPPORTER
Category: SponsorSupporter
Please support Roy with a donation of at least €50, which can be topped up by clicking Quantity in Giver.
Key Sponsor
Reference: KSP
Category: SponsorKey
This includes your name, logo and a link on the website. Please click in the “Quantity” field to increase the amount of sponsorship in multiples of €100.
Premium Sponsor
Reference: PSP
Category: SponsorPremium
Premium includes your name and logo displayed according to our agreement, with links from the website.
Title Sponsor
Reference: TSP
Category: SponsorTitle
Main (Title) Sponsor includes your name and logo on the kart, as well as the racesuit and/or helmet, and the race tent, with links from the website.